Why Internet Marketing “Gurus” Make Me Laugh

One of the biggest problems I see with my clients and friends in the Internet marketing business is this issue of “hero worship.”

By that I mean, people start looking up to the various “gurus” like they’re bigger than life. As if they are somehow almost superhuman, with these amazing skills and abilities the rest of us mere mortals desperately want ourselves — but can never seem to get.

It’s true.

In fact, if you look at many of the Internet marketing forums and blogs you will see all the various gurus being quoted as if their words were scripture. You see their products being raved about even though they aren’t really teaching anything new.

Look, while it is true there are some extremely talented Internet marketing teachers and experts, just remember, they are only human. Whatever it is they did to get where they are and make all their money can be duplicated by anyone.

If you find yourself to be someone who is awestruck by the various Internet “gurus” then the best thing you can do — for your own wealth — is go to one of their seminars. Not necessarily to learn what they have to say (although that certainly can’t hurt!), but to simply meet them in person.


Because it will dawn on you just how regular and ordinary these people really are. They’re just like you. Their wives nag them, they watch the same TV shows, they leave their underwear on the floor, they have the same problems as you do.

The only difference is they learned some solid principles and put them to use. And once you see they are not mini “gods”, that they are just regular people like you, your confidence will automatically soar. You will realize, in your gut, you can do what they did.

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