What to Know When Preparing for Your TABC Certification

Now is a good time to get your TABC license. This is because you can do your seller or server training online. Before choosing a course, you should know a few things that can prepare you for success. 

What Courses Are Available?

The TABC certification course will cover the alcohol seller or server training requirements. This is not to be confused with a food handler course. A food handler course will cover the necessities of handling food. However, you can often find combined TABC certification and food handler courses. These are a great option for restaurants or other locations that sell both food and alcohol. 

Who Should Take These Courses?

Anyone who sells, serves, dispenses, or delivers alcohol at a location with alcohol licenses and permits should take a TABC certification course. Completing a course gives you the knowledge you need to follow the law while working at one of these locations. It can also boost your resume, so you are more likely to get hired, even if a TABC certification is not required. 

What Should You Expect From Them?

With online courses, you can expect them to be short but very in-depth. You may spend a full day studying the materials, but you will get enough information from the course to have a thorough understanding of the alcohol laws in Texas. Most online courses are self-paced, and you can begin learning as soon as you pay for them. An online format is a good option for most people because they have an easy to use format and will provide you with all the information you need to pass the final exam. Most online courses will give you the option to download and print your certificate as soon as you have taken the final exam. 

If you prefer more hands-on instruction, an in-person course may be better for you, although it will be less convenient. These are typically one session, but you will be able to interact with an instructor. This is a great option for those who are very technologically challenged, have trouble learning online, or have a severely limited knowledge of the Texas alcohol laws. 

If you plan on working in a bar or restaurant, a TABC certification will make you more appealing to the owner or manager. This course is available on its own or combined with a food handler certification. You can expect the online version to be easy to use while still giving you the information you need to understand the Texas alcohol laws. Meanwhile, the in-person version may be less convenient, but it will offer more hands-on instruction.