Virtual Teambuilding Not Just for Virtual Teams

Virtual teams have evolved as a way to make working across the globe an easy, practical way to achieve superior results. Having great Virtual Team practices, is what allows High Performing Teams to work seamlessly with global clients to build effective strategies and execute efficiently.

The upside to Virtual Teams is that they offer:

  1. Increased employee and organizational effectiveness
  2. Reduced costs
  3. Talented employees flexible work arrangements

Outstanding leaders know the value of inspired and motivated team members. They also know that High Performing Teams are powerful.

They can create value for organizations by achieving better results, in less time, using fewer resources.

Nurturing constructive interaction and building the necessary team-related skills, however, has become challenging in our constantly changing, challenging business world.

In today’s workplace, it is not uncommon for leaders to be faced with the challenges of uniting workers from different locations, business units, and countries.

For teams that are able to get together for an on-site event, in person employee team building events should be interactive, powerful and help organizations improve alignment and develop world class execution habits. Considering that people retain about twenty percent of what they read, forty percent of what they observe and ninety percent of what they experience, an effective team building experience should be considered a necessity.

Your team should walk away from a team building event with confidence in their ability to be an effective Leader, Manager, Supervisor or Team Leader while effectively communicating and navigating within their organization.

A virtual team event allows you to improve performance within your organization, by developing a common business platform that can be effectively utilized within all layers of the organization, increases the speed of your processes and produces benefits faster.

But Virtual Team Building is not just for Virtual Teams. It’s also for those organizations who are looking to achieve Peak Performance, but whose members may be unable to travel. Exceptional team performance relies on team members’ ability to work together. Simply put, the more experience they have working together? The better their teams do!

Building High Performing Organizations with Virtual Teams presents special challenges: developing common work processes, communicating organizational goals effectively in a virtual world, and managing conflict are all critical to the success of a virtual team.

Even if your teammates are located in different locations, after attending a virtual team building program, you teammates should walk away inspired, with cutting edge, time-tested principles, tools and techniques turning them into battle ready High Performing Organization members.

High Performing teams who invest time in team building tend to perform better than those that don’t.

Not unexpected.

This year don’t let travel or budget constraints restrict your employee team building options.

Supercharge your kickoff meeting, product launch, alignment event or even a merger with an awesome new twist on team building- virtual team building!

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