The Importance of Residual Marketing

These days it seems all anybody ever talks about is using the internet to promote their business. Obviously, I don’t have to tell you that using the internet to promote your business can be effective however let’s not forget that offline marketing can be just as effective if not more effective. An excellent method of offline advertising is the use of promotional products.

Promotional products are a cost effective and low cost way to get your message across, these items can help you get in front of your customers and more importantly stay there. In this article we will look at the importance of residual marketing.

First, I think it will be helpful to define what is meant by residual marketing. Residual marketing is a way to continually market from a previous effort. That means you receive benefits from your marketing long after the event (tradeshow, outing, conference etc) is over. This is similar to how an actor receives residual income each time his movie is played on TV or a song writer receives income each time her song is played on the radio.

This lingering effect is what gives residual marketing its power and why it is so important. Think about it, you only have to do the work one time however you reap the benefits of your work over and over again. One of the easiest ways to market residually is by using promotional merchandise.

In fact, one of the reasons why promotional products are so cost effective is because of their residual marketing benefits. Let’s say for instance that you send a letter to a prospective client introducing your services. This is the first step in marketing, getting in front of your prospect. The challenge becomes creating a strategy to stay there? What better way to do that than through the use of a fun and functional promotional product that will be used over and over again.

For example, instead of just sending a letter to a prospective client why not include a letter opener or luggage tag or keyboard calendar or jar opener?.

Now, each time they use your item they are gently reminded of your business. They feel good about you and your company, after all who doesn’t like to receive a free gift right? Especially one that is useful.

Now, when the prospective client has a need for your service, they will be more inclined to call you instead of your competition. You see, you only had to market to your prospect once but you received residual benefits because you included a promotional item with your letter. That relatively inexpensive add-in was working for you over and over again without any effort on your part, sort of like a silent salesperson.

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