Protect Your Employees from COVID-19 With These 4 Tips

Keeping your employees safe from COVID-19 is an important priority. While maintaining the CDC’s recommended workplace guidelines can interfere with productivity and revenue, the wellbeing of everyone in the organization is your biggest responsibility as an employer. As you make physical and routine changes to protect people’s health, consider the following tips.  

1. Push for Remote Work 

The growing prevalence of technology makes it easier for people to work from home. Employees can complete this labor, known as telework, either partially or entirely without setting a foot inside the building. The transition to remote work keeps the workforce safe from infection and continues the workflow. Prioritize tasks that can be completed at home such as reception, marketing, human resources and more. Video conferencing keeps personal engagement between employees without having them physically meet. 

2. Provide Necessary Equipment

Depending on your field, you might need your employees to actually appear and perform their duties. An effective way to mitigate that risk involves supplying them with personal protective equipment. Masks and face shields are always required, especially if the employees constantly interact with others. If they talk to consumers directly from a desk, then plastic sneeze guards add a reliable layer of protection. Disposable gloves also reduce contact with potentially contaminated surfaces. 

3. Enforce Social Distancing Rules

Another protection for on-site workers and even clients is creating and enforcing social distancing rules. Generally, there should not be crowds for any reason and individuals should stay at least six feet apart from each other. Any additional restrictions depend on your organization’s specific features and demands. The segregation of the workforce into different groups and shifts makes social distancing easier. They should only share spaces with their own group and stay in their individual workstations or offices. 

4. Clean Every Surface 

Hygiene is crucial during this time as germ exposure makes the staff vulnerable to COVID-19. The time gaps and unused space created by telework and social distancing create new opportunities for the facility’s deep cleaning. Schedule a team to disinfect the area during these times. Ensure that they target frequently touched locations like doorknobs, handrails and more. Also, provide cleaning products to each employee so they can wipe down their personal offices during designated cleaning times. 

While accomplishing the company’s goals is important, your employees should be safe doing so. Take the necessary precautions and provide the right resources to help everyone prevent this disease.