Powerful Tips and Gains in Buying the Confidence of Your Boss in Today’s Fast Growing Business World

Your boss is that person you are working for to earn a living or any of your superiors in your organization in which you directly or indirectly report to. In today’s business world, many people from all occupations had in one way or the other fallen apart with their bosses due to certain reasons and which usually spell doom for the employees. This is simple as the slogan is “when you (employees) are been discussed no one will speak for you”. You are just like a sheep being taken to the slaughter house tied from head to toe lying at the mercy of the owner awaiting for the rightful time unless by divine intervention. So for you to buy the confidence of your boss and save your job when you are not ready to call it quit. You have to learn how to conform as far as the job ethics is concerned if you will like to have a successful career working for the taskmasters.

Most employees had been disgraced, queried, humiliated and their job terminated but because they failed to read between the lines that depicts the rules and regulations governing that organization. How do you expect to work together with the other bosses when you sack your direct boss? That is impossible because all of them are going to see you as an enemy to their existence and happiness. Some of your boss’s friends will be plotting to frustrate you by telling your new boss to be very careful with you to avoid suffering the same fate in your hand as a means of settling old scores and making the place uncomfortable for you. When you are employed newly in any organization, try to find out how that organization works and work according to the set down rules in which the company’s policies are built.

Your boss sometimes lies to protect himself from his superiors as a means of wriggling himself out of trouble. Therefore, when such things happen you may receive a query for that. This type of query is a political query because your boss really knew that you are innocent and will always protect you from anything that can lead to sack. So when this happen, don’t be dismayed just carry on with your work as best as you can. Make sure your face is bright to avoid your boss reading the meaning that you may be fighting or planning against him.

To buy the confidence of your boss, below are the following things you must to do to achieve that and they include:

i. Come to work early: If you are expected to start work by 7.00 am prompt, make sure you are at your duty post at least 5 minutes earlier because this will reduce unnecessary rush in carrying out your job. This can lead you making many mistakes, which you may not have enough time to correct within the stipulated deadline.

ii. Respect your Boss/Superior: No matter how small or physically disabled your boss may be you must show him that respect because of that position he occupies. Even if you are years older than him, endeavor to give him that respect as demanded in that organization.

iii. Always suggest ways for improve: Always suggest ways for better improvement in the day to day running of the organization because it will make your boss to confide in you being the only trusted person nearby that he can share some certain secrets with.

iv. Keep management secrets secret: Make sure that you keep every single secret entrusted into your hand secret to avoid falling out with your boss. It will be a very big embarrassment if the secret entrusted into your care finds its way to the public ear due to your foolishness, which will unavoidable cause your job if properly confirmed that you let the cat out of the bag.

v. Try to enquire about their families: Let your boss know that you care for his family and wish them well in all their life endeavors and if possible make out time to visit them in their homes and see how they are faring.

vi. Be safety conscious: Make sure your boss office is an accident free working environment. Try to keep everything in order so that the office will very appealing to visitors who may call in anytime for business deals.

vii. Try to save costs: Saving costs for your boss no matter how small because it will give your boss the impression that you have what it takes to manage and remove any suspicion of fraudulent activities or embezzlement of office fund.

viii. Own up some mistakes even if you are right: while doing your jobs, always be ready to own up to some certain mistakes especially when the integrity of your boss is at stake this will increase the respect your boss had for you.

ix. Consult your boss on crucial issues and ask for his opinions: Whenever there is a crucial issue going on in the office, try to consult your boss and seek for his opinion first as this will reduce the ridicule or blame which might raise its ugly head in the process of solving the problem.

x. Put extra hours at work without payment: If in the process of doing a particular job and your time elapsed, adjust yourself a little by putting in extra hour without demanding compensation even if your boss says no. Believe me that one day, this your little effort will be adequately rewarded by your boss.

xi. Do not involve in fraudulent activities while doing your job: Do not take bribe while exercising your responsibilities because this will undermine your achievements and brings disrepute to your personality. Those who had bribed you will one day expose you. Follow the all due processes for that is where the honor lies.

xii. Do not absent yourself from work without official permission: Make sure you report to work daily and always obtain written permission from your boss to cover your absence.


a. Your boss will give you adequate Job Security.
b. Your boss will make good recommendations for you.
c. There are always better packages for you either in cash or in kind.
d. Expect constant promotions and motivations from your boss.
e. Your boss becomes your mouthpiece when you are in trouble.

There is a popular maxim that says, “One good turn deserves another”. We are all human’s and are prone to make mistakes in life either because of what we believe, see, fill or hear. No sane man in this world will ever see a person that truly carries his interest at heart and will not repay that no matter what it takes. It is on this ground we strongly recommend these tips as a sure bet for a good worker/boss relationship. If you observe these simple tips in your organization, you are going to have a successful career working with your boss in your organization in today’s fast growing business world.

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