List Of US Trade Magazines

Trade magazines, also known as trade journals, are publications that are printed with a certain target audience in mind. A trade magazine is basically a magazine dedicated to one particular industry. The merchandising and wholesale industry is one popular industry that has several trade magazines. Below is a list of trade magazines that many people in the industry read and rely on for the latest information.

  • The Closeout News: This trade magazine is one of the largest wholesale publications in circulation today. The Closeout News was established in 1987, and distributes its contents nationwide. This magazine is distributed at several trade shows, flea markets and swap meets on a monthly basis. In addition to distribution at shows, the magazine is also mailed directly to dozens of retail stores, store owners, and paid subscribers with a paid monthly subscription.
  • The Web Wholesaler: This is an Internet-only publication that focuses on wholesale and closeout selling. The publication is sent out via email to people on a monthly basis. Each issue delivers news, resources and tips about the industry, along with a directory of the leading wholesale and closeout suppliers on the Web.
  • Independent Retailer: This a monthly wholesale purchasing guide that allows readers to browse hundreds of offerings from wholesale manufacturers, importers and flea markets. The magazine offers editorials that provide readers with news, trends, and resources. This trade magazine is rated highly-rated in the wholesale industry.
  • The Merchandiser Group Magazine: All 50 states are covered in this trade magazine, which focuses on flea markets and swap meets. The magazine is geared towards both the buyer and seller, with sections for both. This magazine provides subscriptions to flea market and swap meet owners, and those that like to frequent both events. The classified sections are particularly useful for those interested both the buying and selling wholesale products.
  • Dollar Store and C-Store Wholesale Suppliers Directory: With dollar stores and convenience stores at the forefront of the retail industry, this publication focuses on over 4,000 suppliers of merchandise for these sectors. Merchandise may be ordered through the magazine, and dollar and convenience stores can conveniently stock their stores with items listed in its pages. Thousands of people visit both dollar and convenience stores on a daily basis, so this trade journal will help pump up your stock and increase profit.
  • The Directory of Wholesalers and Online Suppliers: This is an online supplier, listing more than 4,000 product sources around the United States, from which wholesalers and merchandisers can order. This publication is laid out like a phone book, with easy-to-read and easy-to-find information. Many merchandisers and wholesalers carry this guide with them wherever they go.
  • Trade Shows USA: This may be the leading source of information for trade show events and supplies in America and Canada. The magazine lists all shows, exhibits and events across the nation. This publication is available in a digest form, which makes it easy to carry around and refer to often. Published once a year, it is popular guide for all those in the trade show industry.
  • The Guide to Flea Markets and Swap Meets: This is an annual publication that compiles a list of all active and operating flea markets across the United States and Canada. The listings are alphabetical and easy to read. All listings include contact information, days and hours of operation, and flea market descriptions. This is an informative guide for both buyers and sellers in the flea market industry.
  • Wholesale Source: This 200-page monthly magazine provides exclusive mailing lists that no other magazine can provide. Mailing lists are compiled from information from Nielsen, Merchandise Mart, Transworld Tradeshows and other events. This ensures the mailing lists have valid information of those interested in the field.
  • Swap Meet Magazine: A monthly publication for those that is serious about flea market shopping and selling. Every month the latest wholesale products and supplies are discussed and listed. This is the must-have magazine for anyone interested in the swap meet industry. Swap meet selling can be challenging, and this magazine gives tips and advice to both beginners and veterans in the field.
  • Dropship Magazine: This trade magazine is focused on the dropshipping industry, with over 1,000 suppliers and products listed. This is a great magazine for those interested in the wholesale industry. There is both a monthly online publication and a mailer to take advantage of. Advertising is also free for sellers, which is a great option in today’s economy.

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