Life Plus International – Please Don’t Be This Guy

A couple weeks ago, I was speaking to a new Life Plus International distributor who was asking about running his business online rather than the traditional methods of network marketing and I asked him, “Why did you have the sudden change of heart?” The answer was pretty unbelievable.

First, I researched Life Plus International when I was looking into network marketing companies and found it to be a very reputable company with some pretty great products. Obviously, I did not join them, but never would have said a bad word about the company.

So, I think this story is more an indication of the “old school” network marketing methods rather than an indictment on Life Plus International in general.

Even if you just know very little about network marketing, you know that the outdated methods of generating business is dragging people to meetings, calling friends and family, buying expensive leads, etc. So what this guy told me wasn’t totally crazy, but still very eye-opening.

As the story goes, the newbie Life Plus International distributor I was speaking to had a couple of interested people and asked his upline for advice to get them to join the business opportunity. Seems innocent enough, right?

His upline instructed him to bring his prospects to the recruiting meeting the following week. Okay, so still no surprise, but here it comes: Not only did his “leaders” tell him to bring them to the meeting, but he also instructed him to NOT tell them the name of the company because then they would know that it is a network marketing company and wouldn’t come. What?!

Do you people have zero respect for anybody else’s time? So, you drag people away from their families, miles away from their house to some cheesy banquet room for something you know they don’t want? That is why most people fail at this industry. Who could sleep at night if that’s what they did for a living?

Again, this is not me bashing Life Plus International, but the traditional network marketing methods. There is a better way.

The internet is at our fingertips for us to use to find people who actually want what we have to offer, so why wouldn’t we use it? Would you rather use technology to recruit your downline or would you rather dupe people into going to meetings?

For more information on the better way to recruit for your Life Plus International business, make sure you read and follow the directions in the resource box below.

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