Is MLM As an Online Home Based Business Dead?

Is MLM As an Online Home Based Business Dead?

MLM and networking can present a spectacular opportunity, but in order to take advantage of this, participants must have an understanding of how to succeed in the business or home business world, and must comprehend the profit margins and the compensation plans of the business they are about to enter into. There is no simple answer as to whether MLM or network marketing will work for you, but the advent of the internet has changed the nature of MLM forever, and many are now saying, it’s days are numbered.

MLM does cut out the traditional middlemen, but replaces them with other middlemen called your up-line. And while traditional middlemen might add value, an up-line does not but still gets a percentage of every one of your sales. So to be really successful, you will need to build a massive down-line. This will take an enormous amount of your time and energy.

Product sales are a part source of income in most plans, especially for someone who has not yet built a large down-line. Down-line residuals are where the big long-term money comes from.

Simply sending out an email or putting a website up just does not work anymore. You need something a little more comprehensive than that. You need a proven strategy to compete in today’s online jungle

Companies which have traditionally sold through conventional distribution channels, are now using the power of networking to achieve spectacular results but not without considerable effort. Srikumar Rao, a student of Multi-Level Marketing Companies for over two decades agreed that, networking has an enormous power to create wealth.

It is this phenomenon which has attracted the attention of so many businesses ranging from small private companies to those in the Fortune 500 category, all seeking better marketing solutions and a greater profit share.

The theory behind Network marketing is strong. For example relational and word-of-mouth business building has always been one of the strongest ways to build business. MLM does work but it is certainly not a get-rich scheme so don’t be fooled by the sales talk that suggests easy or quick profits

Everyone in your down-line is normally able to earn you a commission but will need your help and support! After all, the more successful they are the more successful you will be. But this could run into hundreds of people if you are a good recruiter, and keeping all these people interested in the business, will take up a great deal of your time and energy.

Nowadays, many networkers are throwing in the towel on down-line building, and using a new concept called G.P.T to make more money than ever before. It is now believed by many, and not without good reason, that the internet has made traditional MLM obsolete. G.P.T on the other hand offers potentially lucrative profits in a much shorter time

Work at Home entrepreneurs with leading MLM companies are facing a constant struggle against cut-throat competition, ever-increasing advertising costs and a customer and distributor retention rate which has fallen to an average of less than 3 months.

One innovator adapting his then current business model to the G.P.T system had this to say following his more than considerable success.

Everything is in place, an online business opportunity, turnkey marketing solutions, training and support. For 3 years I have been personally coaching and assisting people to become successful entrepreneurs in the home based business/direct sales industry and now I am taking it to a whole new level. 100 Millionaires by 2012

You can forget about traditional MLM if you are serious about making a very good living and in a relatively short time. So why not fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a whole new world to open up in front of your very eyes.

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