Insurance Career Sales Training Results – I Crawled From the Grave Over Agent Bodies

Insurance career sales training results are a never-ending nightmare. My insurance career training results were no exception. An untrained insurance manager expects magical sales results from career insurance agent trainees. This relentless training pattern I observed again and again. I was dressing like a professional and working like a slave without freedom.

I actually had a dream vision of an entirely different training scenario that never materialized. Passing a state licensing examination should have given me credibility, instead of an overload of information that I would never put to use. Alternatively, my agency instructor would place all the burden of my career sales training results and fate on my ability to follow the company training procedures. Since my first company did not even have a trainer, any sales instruction were learned from the office head chief, the general agent.

My initial insurance skills education consisted of going out on an appointment as an observer with an old time, old time thinking agent. This was supposed to have prepared me for everything that was thrown at me. Next time I was on my own and sweating through my clothing. After a few months, I realized no matter how much I learned, I was going to burn. A dozen agents hired after me were long gone and I was headed for the missing body pit. It was my sales determination to keep going and sign up with a big name company that rescued me. I became financially more comfortable, but quickly learned that big company, small company I was just a pawn.

I never allowed myself to have water boarding applied or sell my soul to the company. Making sufficient sales for a new agent was a sink or swim situation with no lifeguard manager to rescue. Every week agents trainees I barely had a chance to acquaint myself with were leaving, while new hires kept appearing. The office entrance was like a revolving door of new agents walking in with thoughts of profitable careers on the entry side. On the way out was a succession of representatives leaving in higher debt than when starting out.

It took almost be thrown alive in a pit of hopeless agents bodies and roaming among the dying to startle myself awake. No insurance company personally cared about me. The office management  was concerned about how my premium I could write. The insurance hierarchy had their prime interest on how much profit they could make. Deadly agent turnover is irrelevant, as agents do not have to worry about being fired. Putting groceries on the table and paying bills soon overwhelmed them to where the agent seeks life saving greener opportunities.

This is how I crawled from the grave. My results triggered a very financially rewarding insurance career. These are tips of insurance career sales training to keep your results above ground.

1. You have to read lots of positive thinking, self-confidence, and motivation books or Ebooks on a consistent basis. The odds are against you, so be constantly determined that you must keep them in your favor.

2. Spend what money you can into obtaining quality prospects. This money is an investment in you. Poor leads mean a 20% to 30% closing ratio. Quality leads result in closing ratios over 60%, automatically doubling your income.

3. Spend your time on presentations and developing business social networking. The internet group, LinkedIn can help you start make good connections for further business. Cold calling only provides freezer burns.

4. Become a specialist with selling a certain clientèle group like seniors, self-employed, construction workers, medical providers, etc. Choose a few main products and leave the other 50 product brochures in your trunk collecting dust.

5. Drop as quickly as possible the handcuffs of being manipulated by one insurance carrier. Professionals need more than just one selling tool. Going independent and getting say 30% more commission dollars on sales will increase your career income a minimum of 30%.

6. Increase your training of sales skills and strategies by reading a variety of insurance and other selling articles. Frequently you will find tips, hints, tricks, and ideas helpful in providing new career sales training results you can apply.

7. Think outside the box. You will not learn much following what the stars of insurance selling do. You must develop your own patterns and constantly adapt your prospect base or presentation to maximize your performance.

I crawled from the grave grounds of failing insurance agents perishing from false hopes. They thought the company was going to be their salvation. It took me a few years to reach millionaire status, and the journey was initially very rough. If you want to parallel a path to success, follow the seven steps above. You will see the results of sales training yourself in an insurance career as worth paying the price to obtain. 

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