Inner Light Inc Products Network Marketing Expert Review

The first time I tried to enter the Inner Light Inc. Network Marketing Company home page the first thing I noticed was a splash page that allowed you to view this company in 33 different languages. Our research indicates their Corporate Domain was registered in February 2002 and that their beautiful Corporate Offices (we saw the pictures) are based out of Provo, UT. They also claim to be in a strong cash position with no debt. This Network Marketing Opportunity was founded by Dr. Robert Young and his wife Shelley. Dr. Young is a Scientist and product innovator who saw years ago what scientists are just starting to see today.

When I browsed the Inner Light Inc news page I noticed that all their MLM Distributor events that occurred on this page occurred not in the United States but in Finland, Hungary and Norway. This tells me the company is serious about expanding world wide. Their motto is to offer products to a Worldwide Market to allow it’s customers and Network Marketing Distributors to experience Inner Health and Outer Beauty which we guess is where the name Inner Light came from.

Their products are backed by 10 years of research, and they are using the Internet as a tool to hopefully reach the momentum phase within a few years. However they also strongly believe that products like these are best sold through family and friends, and due to the value of these products and how they help people will bring people in easier if you approach people who trust you and that just using their products can have very measurable positive impacts on your health.

Inner Light Inc. seems to be a stable public company reaching for the sky. Their MLM Compensation Plan is setup so Distributors start earning money right away to people have a cushion that enables them to commit the time they have to so they can start earning a full-time income eventually. Inner Light’s Flagship Products Super Greens and Prime PH are Scientifically based and are optimize the bodies PH is a revolutionary nutritional concept that millions are just beginning to discover. Their product theory is focused on with a product line that maintains the Alkaline Design of the body and realizing that all human functions are acidic. Those are the 2 premises of their product line.

While we were watching their Corporate Video one MLM Distributor for Inner Light Inc. mentioned that after taking their products he was able to lose a lot of weight and increased his energy levels at the same time. As you build your MLM Customer Base, your residual income builds. Another 26 year old makes a serious six figure income with the company and has only been working it for a couple years. Another rep mentioned that after 21 years working for IBM he made great money. However he mentioned that within 7 years with this Network Marketing Opportunity he makes more money than he did in his 21 years in IBM.

As far as the Inner Light Inc. MLM Compensation Plan goes, it’s very comprehensive and it would take another 1000 word article to cover it. But what I can say is that it includes Check Match Bonuses and 12 different ranks ranging from IBC to Triple Diamond. If someone came out with a Power Line System for this MLM Company it would explode like wildfire. Our research indicates that this company has it together and is a sleeping giant, waiting for some heavy MLM Recruiters to help it take off. It’s not the most popular MLM Company out there granted, but they do have everything in place and have been featured in Your Business Magazine.

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