How to Create an E-Book That Sells!

My very first e-book for my home based small business was entitled “Fill Your Plate and Still Lose Weight!” which was a collection of complete meals for one person consisting of 350 calories each.

My second e-book was a collaborative effort with my business partner. She and I wrote a book called “Is Your Site Suffering from Lack-OF-Traffic-Itis” which is, as you can imagine, a book that teaches small business owners how to increase their website traffic.

What I discovered is that writing successful book profits for a home based small business can be done quickly and efficiently if you follow some simple guidelines. Below are some of the tips I learned to help the process move more easily in my own venture:

>Choose a topic you are passionate about and have knowledge or experience in. This is imperative for ease of writing.

>Include great content so that your readers are getting expert information that they can put into use immediately.

>Deliver over the top value by offering additional free bonus information, extra tips, or free offers that the customer didn’t expect to receive in the first place.

>Include images, pictures or diagrams where possible to appeal to the visual learner.

>Use simple fonts that will make the book easy to read for your customers.

>Write at least 30 pages of content so that your book has enough content to be seen as valuable.

>Choose a catchy title that will hook your prospect.

>Include testimonials where possible.

>Include extra ordering information should they wish to pass along to a friend.

>Consider offering a referral fee to people willing to promote your book to their friends.

>Use eye appealing graphics to give your book an expert feel.

>Price it right so that your prospects and customers are willing to invest in what you have to say. A magic sales price is $7.00 because it’s enough to denote value, but not so expensive that your customer will ask for a return of their money.

>Include links in your book for additional offers, upsells, or free information.

>Add a guarantee if you can. People appreciate a no-risk purchase if the book doesn’t deliver.

>Create a professional sales page designed to hook your prospect immediately.

Writing e-books can be a fun, fulfilling, and rewarding thing to do. By positioning yourself as the expert in your field for your home based small business niche, e-books can also help brand you as the professional that you are.