How do you maintain Customer relationship?

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 Although the streets are full of billboards and signs decorating stores or service and service outlets, we know that they are not the key means of communication with the customer today. 

Digital marketing and mobile have introduced many changes in the way consumers reach services. It is worth using the available tools to not only better communicate with our target group, but also better manage consumer experience and their contact points with your company.

Business examples that I will use today are authorized service stations and other garages. They occupy a unique place in the car industry; while sales showrooms can count on their clients on average once every few years, in turn car services are visited even several times a year. Changing oil, tires, car reviews or the need to replace car parts – regular visits to service stations is a great opportunity to build a strong and lasting customer relationship. In the era of increasingly better developed mobile tools, the owners of such services can gain a lot thanks to these activities!

Mobile – anticipated and personalized contact

Due to constant and more frequent visits of drivers in service centres, car services have a really good chance to develop individual relationships with customers. What should you do? Take a look around and take advantage of today’s opportunities!

Let’s think about personalized shipping to our customers, which will be an incentive to perform a specific action (e.g. clicking on a coupon or offer). If we take care of our message’s responsive character and we can easily open it on a mobile device, then the customer will be able to immediately download the coupon, without having to go through a multi-step path and perform additional activities.

Personalized e-mails, additionally based on past activities, are crucial for effective marketing of websites and services – then we are sure that we reach the recipient with a message that is tailored to his interests and needs. 

However, be careful; each of us was once in a situation where he purchased a product or service, and in the near future received an offer that he had already used. Not only is this frustrating, but it discourages the customer from using the services of a given company.

Don’t underestimate your interaction history

If the customer has used the oil change service, you can predict when he will once again want to visit your service for this purpose. 

Therefore, lightly send a personalized e-mail with an exchange reminder to him, which will include a downloadable coupon. As today we all have smartphones with us, downloading the coupon straight from the email is simple, quick and does not require going through several devices, and also eliminates such inconveniences as the need to print.

Marketers can also create campaigns for customers who have not yet used the services or are in the target group defined e.g. based on the given car model they have.

Consolidate the consumer life cycle

Although the tools used in marketing are changing, you should still remember not to lose interest in our client after he uses our service.

 The consumer’s experience of visiting the website should be consistent with the experience experienced e.g. by an e-mail message read on a mobile device. We should remember to constantly maintain consumer interest in our services. 

We encourage you to provide feedback after using the service or contact us yourself, let’s ask if the customer is satisfied with it and how we can improve our services. Let us feel that he is very important to us and we want to continue using our services.

To maintain the good relationship you strictly follow these tactics considering customer in mind.


Take action

 You have your recipients – now it’s time to activate them! In fact, as much as 98% of visitors to a site will not make a purchase for the first time. 

Scoring can significantly help here by identifying the best way to reach each potential customer based on their real-time behaviour in a given place.

This means that marketers can then focus on those 2%, while the retargeting strategy directed at the remaining 98% will spontaneously help increase the likelihood of sales in this group.

 For Instance

Consumers who are constantly approaching their purchase but abandon it shortly before ordering, can be “stopped” via a special offer pop-up that appears just before the detection of mouse activity approaching the card abandonment button

. Retargeting strategy can also be implemented in this case and remind them of items left in the basket or offer a discount. 

Additionally, marketers can e.g. set a parameter that specifies the amount of time the user spends observing a specific item (e.g. a free delivery offer will appear, if the buyer observed the same product for more than 5 minutes or returned to it twice a day). Scoring allows you to identify both key conversion points and places where these potential customers are lost.

Collect insights 

Most potential customers are unknown to marketers. Targeting is often the best way to reach these consumers. Based on the analysis of user behaviour in the network, marketers can create specific segments of recipients that are created by collecting the right amount of data. 

These segments can later provide information on where to invest in particular and what type of creation will trigger the most engagement among consumers who are most likely to convert.

Follow up

The marketer’s work does not end with the purchase made by the customer. Neither one-off purchase nor subsequent ones are for us a guarantee of consumer loyalty. 

Marketers should still reach their consumers, keep in touch with them, and encourage shopping, thank you for using their services and recommend new products based on their previous interests and purchases. Techniques such as scoring are just as important in the after-sales and pre-sales process. 


Thanks to it, marketers have a constant and real view of their current interests. For example: we have a customer who bought a furniture set. 

Did he just buy his apartment? Have you just got married or become a parent? Let data answer these important questions before you ask them yourself.

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