Hello World VM Direct – Scam Or Legitimate Business Opportunity?

Ready to say goodbye to your job and say hello to the world of being self-employed and working from the comfort of your home? Surely you realize that working for yourself and enjoying financial freedom are rare treasures in life and wondering how you may be able to enjoy these things. Are you considering the VM Direct and Hello World business opportunity and wondering if it will provide the key to building the life of your dreams? If so, learn what everyone needs to know before signing up for this opportunity.

Who Are They?
You may have heard of this company under either the name Hello World or VM Direct. The founders Craig Ellins and Amy Black created the company to sell multimedia packages which would help consumers to publish their own ideas over the internet. Their most popular product is Hello World, which includes five separate programs that organize digital media on the customer’s computer and allow them to share it with others over the internet. Their products now contribute to two billion dollars a year in sales of streaming video.

The Packages
The prices for the package range from $9.95 a month to $39.95. However, to become an affiliate there are four levels starting with Basic which is $79 to enroll and $49 a month and up, to the Hello World Package, which is $299 to enroll and $69 a month. Each of these packages is designed to empower the affiliate to sell the package and to earn a residual income doing so. So you get advanced technology and training which can help you to build a nice residual income working from home. Not bad, right?

Points to Consider
Well, one problem is that the technology has a steep learning curve that may prevent you from making a lot of money right away. You would have to commit a good amount of time and energy to learning about the tools, and then spend the time slowly building your residuals with the small affiliate commissions. Not only that, you have to find a way to stand out from the other people promoting the business by building your own videos and messages. All of this effort and energy could be spent marketing YOUR business, rather than someone else’s.

Is this a legitimate opportunity? Yes, but considering the learning curve and the competition you may be much better off learning the skills to market yourself online. VM Direct is only one of many vehicles for wealth creation, and there are others that provide not only high quality and unique training, but offer you the ability to make larger up front commissions right away, while simultaneously creating a residual income stream. This is the true path to wealth.

Continue to do your research and due diligence. You will find the vehicle for your financial freedom and creating the life of your dreams.

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