Ethiopia – Will You Take a Chance?

Ethiopia often slips under the radar when it comes to casual business conversation, and this is something of a shame. So many young businesses are completely unaware that this is a land of genuine opportunity, fuelled by a barrage of unfulfilled promise. Amharic is the nation’s official working language and it is the second most-spoken Semitic language in the world(behind Arabic). When you consider the fact that Ethiopia, a country with 84 million people, is becoming increasingly important in the new business world then you can begin to appreciate why Amharic translation services are proliferating within the translation services industry. Will this proliferation of service alert young entrepreneurs to the promise of the nation? One can only hope so.

Ethiopia is regrettably still a tremendously impoverished and under-developed nation but it is growing in world commercial importance with every passing day. Outside of the oil-dependent African states, few can match Ethiopia for economic growth with some figures spiking at 10% inclines. However, the country is weighed down both by its worryingly low GDP per capita and its often dysfunctional bureaucratic elite who gamely rip apart promising developments. However, with all things considered, the natural potential of Ethiopia is amazing and this is why Western businesses are beginning to take a keen interest. Amharic translation services – everything from website translation, marketing translation and document translation to simultaneous and court interpreting services – have animmense part to play in the forthcoming development of the country because both the local government and the local workforce are seemingly ill prepared for abrupt Westernization. Amharic translation will allow Western companies to engage with the country and push business development forward.

One can fully understand how this is such a promising nation by examining the facts and figures. Nearly fifteens massive waterways exist on the flatland, making it the African nation with the greatest water reserves. Despite this, however, less than 4% of the water is used in either profitable power supply production or sensible, sustainable irrigation. This is nothing short of a travesty and, while many people will simply mourn the lost opportunity, young businesses should see this is a chance to promote positive change. If you are a new company then maybe you should take a chance on Ethiopia? A little bit of bravery and imagination can go a long way in this world and you are sure to reap the rewards for your endeavour, by doing something that really matters.

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