Dale Calvert Network Marketing Professional Review

Dale Calvert started his career in the Network Marketing scene when he was just 20 years old. Dale isn’t just a talker he is a doer. One company he joined grew into a Mammouth MLM Organization of Sixty Thousand Distributors and 120 million in gross sales from 1994-1998, and this friction started before the birth of the Internet as we know it today. He is an icon and legend among hundreds of thousands if not millions of Network Marketers.

Many know Dale Calvert for his Duplicatable MLM Training Systems before the Internet and on the Internet as well. Two prominent Hallmark’s in Dale’s career were “Confessions of a Network Marketing Millionaire” as well as the “The Power of a Dream”. Since the year 2000 Dale hasn’t aligned himself with any particular Multi-Level Marketing Company. These days he is CEO of the Calvert Marketing Group, which specializes in Teaching, Training, Consulting and Seminar Speaking Engagements for various Network Marketing Companies who need specialized training around the globe.

Dale has been featured in every single Network Marketing Industry magazine there is, as well as many Home Based Business Magazines. He is one of the new big time MLM Trainers that hasn’t forgotten his roots and where he came from. The fancy houses, cars and fast paced lifestyle isn’t what motivates Dale Calvert. His enthusiasm comes from changing peoples lives through MLM Industry awareness and education.

One of Dale Calvert’s main philosophies is that if you work hard each day and develop yourself to your full potential that success and the MLM Lifestyle will quickly follow. He believes once people realize it’s what you do for others that counts, you are almost home. Dale through his seminars and coaching programs has developed and changed the lives of thousands of Network Marketers, invariably helping them grow into much more skilled MLM Recruiters.

At one time he was a top MLM Distributor in New Image International which is a popular Network Marketing Company. He’s been interviewed by Wolf Enterprises which is a popular Internet Advertising Company that slants heavy toward Network Marketers and is somewhat of a household name in the Multi-Level Marketing Industry.

Dale Calvert’s career started at IBM where he received 2 back to back promotions. He realized he hit a glass ceiling so he requested to be transferred to IBM’s marketing division. They denied this to him saying he didn’t have what it took. Not wanting to be limited by a Corporate Veil, he started studying recruiting and self help cassettes.

We see Dale these days appropriately migrating towards Social Media, which tells us he’s still up with the times. Technology is moving it seems at the speed of light these days, yet we see Dale Calvert still out there being productive in the MLM Industry and holding his own. His most important question for aspiring Network Marketers is why do you do what you do. If you have a passion for the company you are promoting, success will naturally follow provided you work hard and keep going when most people quit.

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