8 Simple Gift Ideas Every Homeowner Will Appreciate


If you have ever been in the market for a housewarming gift, you might already know that figuring out what to buy and which direction to take can be difficult. You might be wondering: should I find something that is practical and that I know will have long-term use? Should I instead purchase something that, while lacking in practicality, might still be great because it matches their décor and aesthetic? Or do I want a gift that helps set a particular mood? 

Once you figure out the answers to these questions, you might also be wondering where your gift would be situated in their home. That is, are you looking for something to set in their bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or living room? Answering these questions might be an easy task, or it might instead be quite difficult. Thankfully, you have come to the right place where we have got eight simple gift ideas that any new homeowner will appreciate. 

1.) Gift Cards 

One of the easiest gifts to exchange with that new homeowner in your life is a gift certificate – whether that be a card for a certain item, restaurant, or service. Many new homeowners may be incredibly overwhelmed with all the things they need to tend to as they make their house a home. Giving gift certificates helps ensure some flexibility and wiggle room, especially for those who aren’t exactly sure what to purchase for that new homeowner in their life. 

2.) Welcome Mat

Another great suggestion for a new homeowner might be a special welcome mat that will help create an inviting, pleasant and welcoming environment for those visiting. Not only is this a simple and thoughtful gift, but it may be something that that new homeowner in your life hasn’t yet thought of yet to purchase. 

3.) Magnetic Door Screens 

If that new homeowner in your life is looking for a way to enhance their home, you might consider gifting them with retractable magnetic door screens. Not only do these doors install rather instantaneously, but their heavy mesh makes them quite durable (especially in terms of withstanding harsh weather), they are kid-friendly (and are even easy to open with a simple nudge if your hands are full), they keep nature and pesky bugs out while letting the fresh air in, and they come in a standardized size (fitting doorways that are up to 38×82 inches) and work quite easily on a variety of door materials including fixed, sliding metal or wood doors.

4.) Flowers and Plants 

Another great addition to a new home is a lovely bouquet of fresh and bright flowers or a great home plant (if you are looking for something that will last longer). You can either opt for flowers and homeplants for homeowners that are already fixed in a decorative planter, or you can purchase a bouquet accompanied by a beautiful vase. Experts agree that blooms and plants can decrease anxiety and reduce moving-related stress. Whether you are looking for temporary beauty in a bouquet or a longer living and yet low-maintenance plant (as in the case of a succulent, good luck bamboo, or a snake plant), these are all great options to bring a burst of life into a new space.

5.) Tool Kit 

Being a homeowner also brings with it many moments where maintenance and repairs are needed. In light of this practical need, why not give that new homeowner in your life a tool kit that holds all the essentials, such as a hammer, measuring tape, screwdriver, and wrench? Another great alternative, if not the toolkit, is a set of gardening tools – especially for that homeowner who has a green thumb.

6.) Warm Blanket

For those new homeowners who are homebodies, another great gift option to help make a house a home is a cozy blanket. These items are especially wonderful on cold nights when a homeowner may look forward to snuggling under warmth while watching their favorite tv show or film. 

7.) Classic Board Games 

For those new homeowners who are excited to host a variety of guests, another great gift option is a set of classic board games. Whether you select a deck of cards or classic board games such as Scrabble, Monopoly, Clue, Twister, or Uno, this kind of gift will surely be loved by those who can’t wait to play host to their range of guests. 

8.) Scented Candles 

If you are looking for a gift for that new homeowner who prides themselves on creating a certain kind of beauty and ambiance, why not consider buying them scented candles as a housewarming gift? Experts agree that candles make people feel warm, relaxed, and at peace. So, if you are looking at scented candles as a homeowner gift, you can be sure to create that special feeling by creating a personalized scent or using fragrances such as lavender, vanilla, or eucalyptus.

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