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The things you don’t know about an Italian SRL

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A good study related to Italy will tell you not to open a sole proprietorship but only a capital company, for example a SRL. There are many things you don’t know about this corporate legal form. Here are some of them. 


 A limited company caution the partners in the event of bankruptcy. This is because there is a total separation between the activity you have carried out and your personal things such as the house, the car and your money. A SRL protects you from tax and Equitalia, because it separates your personal assets from that of the company, so if your company undergoes an assessment it will pay with its capital and that’s it. Not even banks and creditors will be able to put forward words. 


 SRL is more professional. In the eyes of the customers you will look like one who understands enough, while if you have a simple company, then it means that you do not have the money to afford something better, like a capital company. The same goes for the bank, because in the branch they will understand that you are not an ordinary person: if you started with an SRL, then you are certainly one who has clear ideas (and who has a little money to spend). 


 Have you ever seen someone sell the shares of a sole proprietorship? In fact, it cannot be done according to …

Championing The Corporate Business Leadership, We Tell You How

A Leader's Role in Achieving Excellence in Execution

A business partnership is a business structure that works as a different and particular legitimate substance, in the interim business enterprise is a business structure that works as a different and unmistakable lawful element, It is claimed by investors and oversaw by a directorate who name officials to manage the business’ everyday activities, it can buy, sell, and possess property, it can likewise go into contracts, sue different gatherings, and be sued, most companies are shaped with the purpose to win benefits for their investors.

Corporate business leadership is the highest point of an organization’s official structure, is made out of the top administrators who administer its tasks and plot its methodologies for the future, makes an all-inclusive heading to be done by chiefs, directors, and workers and building up the ability to do that course. The high-chance, high-reward nature of corporate leadership guarantees that lone the tip-top rises to positions in corporate administration.

Top-level corporate business leadership employments are earned through numerous long stretches of steady work and predictable exhibition of leadership characteristics. Corporate leadership officials are responsible for their subordinates, yet should work with different administrators to settle on the most ideal choices for the organization.

Numerous officials get their corporate leadership preparing through lone ranger’s and graduate degree programs in the business organization, yet there are additionally specific corporate leadership programs outfitted towards undergrad business majors, mid-level experts who need to procure positions in upper administration, and administrators who need to hone their administration abilities.

These instructive …

Are You a CPA Ready to Retire? You May Want to Review These FAQ’s

Preparing For Retirement - The 5 Essential Questions You Must Ask


Like all other occupations, there is a time when you will want to retire after working as a CPA. After a long career working as a CPA, there are a number of things that you will need to settle before you officially retire. It is important to ask yourself a few questions so that you can make sure that you are making the right decision for your future. As a retiring CPA, you will want to ask yourself if you have sufficient funds to retire, if you want to sell your practice, how you will sell your practice and how will you inform your clients about your retirement. By answering these questions, you will be in a position to determine a proper course of action in ensuring a smooth transition into retirement.


One of the first questions that you will ask yourself about retirement is if you want to sell an accounting practice that you own. It is important to determine if you plan on selling an accounting practice because it can allow you to get some funds to retire with. In some cases, you may need to sell your practice in order to retire. Since selling your practice is a major decision to make, it is important to make sure that this is something that you truly want to do.


Another question you will want to ask yourself is how you will attract buyers. You will …

What Is Wealth Management and Who Needs it?

What are Wealth Management Strategies and Who Needs Them

Reaching financial freedom is a common goal for most Americans. We want to live debt-free, be able to pay for our medical care with ease, and even go on vacation once in a while. For some, reaching financial stability isn’t an issue but keeping and managing your fortune can be a daunting task.

In that optic, most seek out the help of financial advisors or accounting experts. There’s even a field in finance dedicated to it and it’s called wealth management. Wealth management is an advisory service that also makes use of other financial services to help wealthy or affluent clients manage their money. It is a consultative process where information is first gathered, strategies are developed and clients get advised on what financial instrument would be best to manage wealth.

It can be more than just advice but it has an impact on a person’s overall financial life. Rather than collecting parse information from a pool of finance professionals, high net investors benefit from single managerial coordination on his or her wealth in regards to the future.

Although it is commonly believed that the help of an advisor can be used in any field related to finance, there are some cases of specialization. This can be a consequence of a wealth manager’s experience and knowledge or simply the focus of a particular client. Wealth managers may sometime work directly with clients or their representatives such as agents, lawyers, accountants, financial planners, or they can advise on a specific aspect …

Best Financial Tips for Low-Income People in 2020

What Are the Best Investments in 2020? [13 Ideas & 5 Industries To ...

Today, to help people digitalize their funds, and proceed with online payments faster, many banks issue credit cards. However, the biggest percentage of their possession belongs to clients who have steady, sufficient and transparent income. What should people do with their low paying capacities? They should not despair, today many banking facilities accommodate such requests and offer credit cards for low-income applicants.

Credit Cards for Low-Income People: What Is Eligibility Factor?

Some banks make it very simple for such requesters, some avoid them as much as possible to not deteriorate their own credit history. However, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau made advances and introduced certain policies that allow spouses who depend on the partner’s income or other applicants who have access to money to get a credit card with no trouble. Both credit cards for low income and bad credit eligibility is:

  • Full legal age;
  • Valid mobile number;
  • Certificate of employment if one works but has low income;
  • Bank account of the beneficiary;
  • Payslip or certificate of spouse’s payroll.

The requirements for credit cards for low-income earners may differ but still, you should remember that insufficient income is not the main factor that banks will check upon receiving your request.

Features of Best Credit Cards for Low-Income

If you only think to apply and do not consider yourself a good candidate, it does not mean you should compromise on the benefits and quality of a card. For example, you should look for the next features that won’t tie you …