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How to Create an E-Book That Sells!

My very first e-book for my home based small business was entitled “Fill Your Plate and Still Lose Weight!” which was a collection of complete meals for one person consisting of 350 calories each.

My second e-book was a collaborative effort with my business partner. She and I wrote a book called “Is Your Site Suffering from Lack-OF-Traffic-Itis” which is, as you can imagine, a book that teaches small business owners how to increase their website traffic.

What I discovered is that writing successful book profits for a home based small business can be done quickly and efficiently if you follow some simple guidelines. Below are some of the tips I learned to help the process move more easily in my own venture:

>Choose a topic you are passionate about and have knowledge or experience in. This is imperative for ease of writing.

>Include great content so that your readers are getting expert information that they can put into use immediately.

>Deliver over the top value by offering additional free bonus information, extra tips, or free offers that the customer didn’t expect to receive in the first place.

>Include images, pictures or diagrams where possible to appeal to the visual learner.

>Use simple fonts that will make the book easy to read for your customers.

>Write at least 30 pages of content so that your book has enough content to be seen as valuable.

>Choose a catchy title that will hook your prospect.

>Include testimonials where possible.

>Include extra ordering …

Protect Your Employees from COVID-19 With These 4 Tips

Keeping your employees safe from COVID-19 is an important priority. While maintaining the CDC’s recommended workplace guidelines can interfere with productivity and revenue, the wellbeing of everyone in the organization is your biggest responsibility as an employer. As you make physical and routine changes to protect people’s health, consider the following tips.  

1. Push for Remote Work 

The growing prevalence of technology makes it easier for people to work from home. Employees can complete this labor, known as telework, either partially or entirely without setting a foot inside the building. The transition to remote work keeps the workforce safe from infection and continues the workflow. Prioritize tasks that can be completed at home such as reception, marketing, human resources and more. Video conferencing keeps personal engagement between employees without having them physically meet. 

2. Provide Necessary Equipment

Depending on your field, you might need your employees to actually appear and perform their duties. An effective way to mitigate that risk involves supplying them with personal protective equipment. Masks and face shields are always required, especially if the employees constantly interact with others. If they talk to consumers directly from a desk, then plastic sneeze guards add a reliable layer of protection. Disposable gloves also reduce contact with potentially contaminated surfaces. 

3. Enforce Social Distancing Rules

Another protection for on-site workers and even clients is creating and enforcing social distancing rules. Generally, there should not be crowds for any reason and individuals should stay at least six feet apart from each …

Should you mix business and charity?

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An important responsibility of businesses in their locality is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Companies are expected to give back to the community they are located and that is helping them to thrive. There are several ways companies can give back to their communities including through scholarship for children, through the establishment of hospitals, and other facilities that will benefit the community. It might also be through supporting a nice cause such as a donation to cancer research, children’s hospital, or other similar causes. This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of mixing business and charity.

Advantages of mixing business with charity
The major advantages of mixing business with the charity are discussed subsequently.

Could help you gain more customers
When people know that you are supporting a particular charity, people who are interested in that charity are likely to patronize you. They would know that a percentage of your earnings is going to that charity and that means a percentage of their money when they patronize you are going to that charity. They would embrace the opportunity to get what they want, while at the same time, contributing to supporting a charity that they are interested in. This, mixing business and charity could help you make more customers. In the long run, the extra profit you will make as a result of being involved in that charity will be more than the amount that you are spending on charity. You can read about good causes to know which …

The things you don’t know about an Italian SRL

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A good study related to Italy will tell you not to open a sole proprietorship but only a capital company, for example a SRL. There are many things you don’t know about this corporate legal form. Here are some of them. 


 A limited company caution the partners in the event of bankruptcy. This is because there is a total separation between the activity you have carried out and your personal things such as the house, the car and your money. A SRL protects you from tax and Equitalia, because it separates your personal assets from that of the company, so if your company undergoes an assessment it will pay with its capital and that’s it. Not even banks and creditors will be able to put forward words. 


 SRL is more professional. In the eyes of the customers you will look like one who understands enough, while if you have a simple company, then it means that you do not have the money to afford something better, like a capital company. The same goes for the bank, because in the branch they will understand that you are not an ordinary person: if you started with an SRL, then you are certainly one who has clear ideas (and who has a little money to spend). 


 Have you ever seen someone sell the shares of a sole proprietorship? In fact, it cannot be done according to …

Championing The Corporate Business Leadership, We Tell You How

A Leader's Role in Achieving Excellence in Execution

A business partnership is a business structure that works as a different and particular legitimate substance, in the interim business enterprise is a business structure that works as a different and unmistakable lawful element, It is claimed by investors and oversaw by a directorate who name officials to manage the business’ everyday activities, it can buy, sell, and possess property, it can likewise go into contracts, sue different gatherings, and be sued, most companies are shaped with the purpose to win benefits for their investors.

Corporate business leadership is the highest point of an organization’s official structure, is made out of the top administrators who administer its tasks and plot its methodologies for the future, makes an all-inclusive heading to be done by chiefs, directors, and workers and building up the ability to do that course. The high-chance, high-reward nature of corporate leadership guarantees that lone the tip-top rises to positions in corporate administration.

Top-level corporate business leadership employments are earned through numerous long stretches of steady work and predictable exhibition of leadership characteristics. Corporate leadership officials are responsible for their subordinates, yet should work with different administrators to settle on the most ideal choices for the organization.

Numerous officials get their corporate leadership preparing through lone ranger’s and graduate degree programs in the business organization, yet there are additionally specific corporate leadership programs outfitted towards undergrad business majors, mid-level experts who need to procure positions in upper administration, and administrators who need to hone their administration abilities.

These instructive …