Aim International – A Third Party Review

Aim International is a MLM company that believes that optimal health is reached through a healthy life style and their whole food concentrates and supplements. The goal of the company is to improve the lives of people both through the free enterprise system and through the quality health products they carry. As I researched this company I saw excellent products and a very workable MLM system.

The Aim Company of Nampa, Idaho was founded by Dennis Itami in 1982 shortly there after Ron Wright joined him as a co-owner. This company started in the U.S. but by 1987 opened it’s doors in Canada thus starting the international growth which has now spread to New Zealand, and the United Kingdom with over 100,000 members worldwide. Aim International has been recognised as one of Idaho’s top 75 private companies, was one of Wealth Building Magazines top 20 companies, and has also been featured in Money Makers Monthly.

Aim International had started with BarleyLife – the original green juice and has now expanded with a variety of powders, capsules, juices, and personal care products. They have single products for the customer who is looking for a specific nutritional ingredient and Aim also has put together targeted groupings of their products to help combat health problems. Specific areas of health such as weight management, digestive health, and cardiovascular health they have a list of primary products and then they have a list of complementary products.

Along with the supplements and juices Aim International has a personal care line featuring a bath additive Cell Wellness Restorer and a natural line of daily life products of soaps, lotions, and hair care essentials. To pamper, nurture and restore you these fruit scented and natural products are meant to relax you and help with your well rounded healthy life style.

The Aim International business opportunity has 2 options if you want to be an Express Customer you will receive a volume discount 30% higher then wholesale and toll-free ordering with no yearly membership fee. The second option is a Member in which includes wholesale pricing, volume discounts, income opportunity, prize contests, Aim Living Well Magazine, a web site, and a new member kit. The member opportunity has a $20.00 application fee and a yearly renewal fee. Though you could receive a free membership with a $100.00 purchase or a Aim approved starter pack, or an Automatic monthly reorder set up for at least 3 months and over $50.00 per month.

Aim has several different levels, you start as a Wholesale Member, move up to Group Builder, next is Director. Once you have reached the Director level there are several Elite Director levels you can achieve, upon reaching a level you keep that level as long as you pay the yearly renewal fee. How do you reach these levels? Do you know enough people who would purchase your products? Would the people you know be interested in this opportunity? What if there was a way to connect with people who are looking for a home based business opportunity. There are people looking online for a MLM business but how do you connect with the ones who are looking for an Aim International business. There is a way to finding the right fit for your business. To find out more click the link below.

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