A Review of Money Makers Monthly Magazine

Money Makers Monthly is, well, a complicated company to navigate. The company says that it is a trade journal that reviews the direct sales and network marketing industry. They have more than twelve million entrepreneurs who are running their own distribution companies. As far as we can tell, this is a company that publishes a trade journal and then has other people sell the ads that go inside the publication.

A single issue of the trade journal costs almost four dollars US and six dollars Canadian. It comes out once a month and has been on the market for eleven years. It is published by Keith B. Laggos and has a circulation of two hundred thousand in the United States. That is a pretty good number for a trade journal.

The Money Makers Monthly income opportunity seems to be that of a Sales Manager. According to the website, the enroller is the ad co-op manager and that person is responsible for getting classified ad certificates and then placing larger ads or ads that will run in multiple regions. The Ad Co-Op Manager earns two dollars from each personally sponsored distributor and they can have as many distributors in their down line as they please.

To be honest, the website is very confusing. There is mention of a down line of distributors but no mention of how to become a distributor. There is mention of commissions, but no word on how much of a commission you earn from the placement of ads, or what kinds of ads that will run in the classified section. They do not mention how often you get paid and they do require a start up cost of, well, even that is confusing. The Standard Representative Option costs forty dollars and then a monthly payment of twenty eight dollars. The Deluxe Representative Option costs fifty dollars and then the same monthly payment of twenty eight dollars.

Obviously the company has been around for a while. The publication is eleven years old. The website is also very pretty. Unfortunately we can’t figure out how the Monthly Money Makers opportunity really works. The website isn’t up front with how much you will earn, how exactly you will earn it and how often you get paid. Any site that won’t even give you that kind of basic information in plain, understandable language (and then goes on to charge you a monthly fee) is not one that you want to sign up for. Never agree to any terms before you’ve read every term you will be agreeing with.

A company as established as this should have a better way of recruiting representatives or at the very least an understandable job description and compensation plan. The Money Makers Monthly income opportunity has neither. It looks like they are putting more effort into building up their website’s look than their website’s content. Steer clear of this company until its goals and requirements are more clearly defined.

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